American Presidents Film & Literary Festival

Several community partners are organizing this exciting event. The partners include the Liberty & Learning Foundation, Hayes Presidential Library & Museums, Fremont City Schools and Birchard Public Library.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a place for expanded national and international understanding of the history and current events that have and continue to shape and influence the President of the United States. Utilizing the site and community of America’s first presidential library and museum, filmmakers, film professionals and authors will inspire audiences to explore, understand, critique, and analyze the people, places, politics and power surrounding the American Presidency.

Guiding Principles

  1. Utilize the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums as a center of a national forum for the exploration of the American Presidency through film and literature.
  2. Utilize the mission statement and guiding principles to serve as the blue print for the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival.
  3. Establish and maintain a financially stable organization.
  4. Attract artistic and cultural opportunities to Fremont and Sandusky County through the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival.
  5. Engage local and regional community in support of the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival.
  6. Develop, maintain and encourage local, regional and national support through sponsors and volunteers.
  7. Acknowledge support of sponsors and volunteers.
  8. Establish and promote film audiences, educational panels and workshops through film and literary professions with focus on the American Presidency.
  9. Promote public and private school educational programming and part of the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival.
  10. Provide a forum for independent film makers to screen historical, biographical, innovative films exploring people, places, politics and power surrounding the American Presidency.
  11. Create a film festival that will make Fremont and Sandusky County as the home of the 1st Presidential Library a place for exploration of the American Presidency though film and literature.

Committee Members List  

Executive Committee 

Joe Albrechta, President 

Denice Hirt, Vice President 

Christie Weininger, Treasurer 

Nancicarol Woleslagel, Secretary 


Steering Committee 

Elizabeth Davenport – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Dustin McLochlin – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Christie Weininger – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Denice Hirt – Fremont City Schools 

Pam Hoesman – Birchard Public Library  

Kim Beardmore – Fremont City Schools  

Kristy Witte – Albrechta & Coble, Attorneys 

Joe Albrechta – Albrechta & Coble, Attorneys 

Kristina Smith – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Nancicarol Woleslagel – Woleslagel Moving Co. 

Kathy Boukissen – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Susan Frye – Downtown Fremont 


Programming and Submissions 

Chairman: Elizabeth Davenport, Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 


Film Subcommittee 

Chairman: Dustin McLochlin, Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Kevin Lause – Birchard Public Library  

Joan Eckermann – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Janet Myles – retired from Fremont Middle School 

Kevin Moore – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Cheryl Laugherty – Birchard Public Library 


Education Subcommittee 

Chairman: Kim Beardmore – Fremont City Schools 

Denice Hirt – Fremont City Schools 

Annette Fisher – Fremont City Schools 

Shawn Hineline – Fremont City Schools 

Michelle Borjas – Fremont City Schools 

Melissa Hanson – Fremont City Schools 

Patricia Diaz – Fremont City Schools 

Mike Gilbert – retired teacher, local historian 


Literary Subcommittee 

Chairman: Pam Hoesman 

Kevin Lause – Birchard Public Library 

Nancy Koebel – Birchard Public Library  

Kevin Moore – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Larry Michaels, local author 

Suzi Michaels, local author 

Kathleen Nalley, retired special education director 

Cheryl Cotter, retired from Sandusky County Department of Developmental Disabilities 


Development and Fundraising 

Chairman: Kathy Boukissen 

Meghan Wonderly – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Mike Ginnetti – St. Aloysius Catholic Church, Bowling Green 

Kerri Carte – WSOS 

John Ransom – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Sharon Barnett – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 



Chairman: Kristina Smith, Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Peggy Courtney – Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Gil Gonzalez – Hayes Presidential Library & Museums 

Mark Grine, Terra State Community College

Dr. Regina Vincent-Williams

Tim Wasserman, Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Joint Solid Waste District

Program design: Kristina Smith