FREMONT, Ohio – A documentary about the role of President Donald Trump and his supporters and opponents in the U.S. political divide will be shown this fall at the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival.

“Trumphobia,” directed by Carolina Sosa, is one of the feature films that will be featured at the festival Friday, Oct. 4 – Sunday, Oct. 6, at various locations in Fremont. Sosa also is planning to attend the film and literary festival.

A schedule of showtimes and tickets will be available at

“Trumphobia” examines how Trump’s fervent supporters and scared opponents were affected by Trump’s rhetoric and the media’s interpretation, increasing a dangerous political division.

This documentary examines the political division in the United States and how Trump increased that division with the help of the mainstream media.

On one side, he gave strength and safety to his supporters, and on the other, he imposed fear and anger in his opponents, which led to major confrontations, protests, and counter-protests across the country. “Trumphobia” analyzes the reasons for the political division, stands in the middle of the road between his supporters and opponents and proposes empathy and compassion for all as a possible solution to the turmoil.

            This film and others selected for the American Presidents Film & Literary Festival have some connection to the American presidency and touch in some way, directly or loosely, on the themes of people, places, politics, and power.

            Awards will be given for the best feature-length film, best short film, best production, and people’s choice. Attendees can vote for their favorite film through the people’s choice contest. Ballot boxes will be located at each theater.

The American Presidents Film & Literary Festival is the only film and literary festival in the United States to focus on the American presidency. It will take place at The Strand Concert Theater, Fremont Middle School, the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums, Birchard Public Library, and Live Edge Center.

In addition to films, the festival includes a cooking class with a former White House chef, talks by authors and historians, an escape room geared toward teens, lantern tours of the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums’ grounds with living history presenters, a red carpet event with a keynote talk about Adrian Miller, author of “The President’s Kitchen Cabinet” and more.

The American Presidents Film & Literary Festival is organized by the Liberty and Learning Foundation, Fremont City Schools, Birchard Public Library, Hayes Presidential Library & Museums and Downtown Fremont.

The festival is committed to providing a place for expanded national and international understanding of the history and current events that have and continue to shape and influence the President of the United States. Utilizing the site and community of America’s first presidential library and museum, filmmakers, film professionals, and authors will inspire audiences to explore, understand, critique and analyze the people, places, politics and power surrounding the American Presidency.

For information, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter at @ampresfilmlit.